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ILKInduction of Linguistic Knowledge (project at Tilburg University; Netherlands)
ILKIntegrin-Linked Kinase
ILKIncremental Link
ILKInternationale Länderkommission Kerntechnik
ILKInstitut für Leichtbau und Kunststofftechnik
ILKInstitut für Luft- und Kältetechnik gGmbH
ILKInstytut Liberalno-Konserwatywny (Poland)
ILKInstitut für Lösungsfokussierte Kommunikation
ILKimmune lymphokines
ILKIncremental linker file (Microsoft ILink file format)
ILKInterior Lighting Kit
ILKInstrumentation Ltd, Kota (India)
ILKIvy League Killers (gaming clan)
ILKIntrastromal Holmium Laser Keratostomy
ILKintrastromal laser keratectomy
ILKIndividual Liner Kit (International Space Station)
ILKIlaka Airport, Madagascar (airport code)
ILKIndependent Label København
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Bulgular: ilk TUR-T ile radikal sistektomi arasinda gecen ortalama sure Grup 1 icin 5.3 ay, grub 2 icin 8.0 ay (p=0.103), ortalama TUR-T sayisi Grup 1 icin 1.5, Grup 2 icin 1.72 (p=0.440), son TUR-T ile radikal sistektomi arasinda gecen sure Grup 1 icin 1.67 ay, Grup 2 icin 2.08 ay (p=0.129) idi.
The Colonel and Of that Ilk were moving with infinite care, flitting from coat to coat and stalking a scruffy green suitcase in the corner.
If they can write more of this ilk they could have a good future.
The biggest drain on the NHS and other government support agencies are the drug addicts, alcoholics and others of that ilk
Tinker is a hero of the highest ilk, who doesn't just use her head--she isn't afraid to kick butt, too.
Thrain's best friend, Cindy's father; asked him to help his daughter believe that seven hundred years old like she is and having customers who are vampires, deities, and other paranormal ilk is real albeit abnormal.
Yet one gets the sense that policy-makers in Washington, of both Democratic and Republican ilk, still see Asia through decades-old prisms.
Finally as Warren surely knows, the efforts of Michael Moore,, and their ilk can hardly compare to the decades-long, billion-dollar industry that promotes the other side.
Kress and his ilk can drive and bully all children by 2014 to cross the goal line he has unilaterally established is arrogant and unrealistic and lacks any understanding of the complicated task of educating children.
For classics of another ilk, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company offers the witty How to Pass Kick Fall and Run; the Martha Graham Company dispatches the Adam-and-Eve saga Embattled Garden; and Bill T.
USB flash drives and their ilk are proving to be a perfect way to pack a ton of information into a small, convenient form factor.