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ILLEInternational Long Line Extension (telecommunications)
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how doth ille optimus omnium patronus ?"--"I find," said Jones, "you do indeed know me; but I have not the like happiness of recollecting you."--"I do not wonder at that," cries Benjamin; "but I am surprized I did not know you sooner, for you are not in the least altered.
Quis ille primus cujus ex imagine Natura solers finxit humanum genus ?
Cecidit illic ergo Boegsceg Rex, et Sidroc ille senex comes, et Sidroc Junior comes, et Obsbern comes," etc.
"There were a lot of people in McDonalds with children and I just thought what if it had happened to one of them instead?" After talking to the manager Miss Illes was unsatisfied with the way her complaint was handled and demanded to speak to McDonald's head office.
Miss Illes has since sent the piece of glass and the remains of the burger to McDonalds head office.
Still, the details provided in Illes' well-written and well-organized chronicle are often interesting.
Furthermore, a close reading of Illes' own situation and perceptions may reveal something of interest about the entire class of middle-level functionaries who, like Illes, could be seen as occupying a strategic position in what Jurgen Habermas has dubbed the "seam" between system and lifeworld.
Despite the tragic nature of what she experienced, Illes tells the story without muck of an edge.
At times, Illes' approach is too sympathetic to the plant management of which she was a part.