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ILLIACIllinois Automatic Calculator
ILLIACIllinois Integrator and Calculator (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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Computer output produced as a result of carrying out these four experiments was utilized to produce a four-movement piece of music we have entitled the Illiac Suite for String Quartet.
Despite his statement in the liner notes that "all attempts at historical perspective" would be "out of place" in making his picks, the album leads off with a "landmark," the fourth and final movement of Illiac Suite, composed by Hiller with mathematician Leonard Isaacson in 1956 (and published in 1957)--the first major score completed by a computer program (although performed by a string quartet) and named after illiac, the five-ton computer at the University of Illinois, where Hiller taught.
ROUND 1: Round One immediately saw a titanic clash for points as the West's Liddle misidentified the "A-C" in ILLIAC and ENIAC as standing for "Automatic Calculator." The East's McCorduck archly offered "Automatic Computer," winning the first set of points for her team.
On examination there was huge lump of 18x20 cm in umbilical region extending upto right lumbar and illiac region as shown in fig.
In the case of Order III, a complex series of portraits precedes two installments from the longer films--the third fragment of The Illiac Passion, Markopoulos's elaborate version of the Prometheus myth interlaced with many other mythical vignettes, and the first glimpse of The Mysteries, originally a Huysmansesque psychodrama.
IAS played host to a number of relatively long-term visitors, many of whom returned home and built what Goldstine [5] calls direct descendants of the IAS machine (e.g., ORDVAC, ILLIAC, JOHNNIAC, MANIAC) and collateral descendants (e.g., in Stockholm, Lund, Munich, Israel, Sydney).
This train of thought ended when suddenly there appeared kaleidoscopic rhythms of The Illiac Passion (1967), the filmmaker's intricate compendium of mythological themes inspired by Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound.
The Illiac Passion, 1967, which features chiaroscuro passages reminiscent of Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome of 1954, and incorporates 25 characters, is loosely based on Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound.
In this short but sweet haunted fairy tale, however, Rivera Garza finds her second success after the recent publication of The Illiac Crest just last year.
Morbidity to donar site (Illiac crest ) was evaluated postoperatively at 3rd month..
Caption: FIGURE 3: Bilateral obstructive calcification of internal illiac vessels.