ILLINETIllinois Library Network
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The Illinois project's overall purpose is to gauge current statewide strengths and weaknesses of ILLINET member library collections and provide data for better management of acquisitions budgets, according to Project Director Jay Wozny, Executive Director of the Corn Belt Library System in Normal, Illinois.
While other projects were also implemented successfully, including the use of the interlibrary loan component in FirstSearch and the in-house development of interlibrary loan Web-based forms, the use of ILLINET Online (IO) as a source for unmediated borrowing serves as the cornerstone for the redesign effort.
ILLINET Online serves as the statewide online catalog for over 800 Illinois libraries that subscribe to OCLC's cataloging services.
While all ILCSO members have the option of letting their patrons use Illinet Online as a source of unmediated borrowing, only five libraries have elected to invoke this option.
Patrons may access ILLINET Online on computers located in SIUC's Morris Library and from personal computers that have a Telnet connection in their home, office, or dorm room.
Since ILLINET Online does not generate notification letters, the SIUC staff developed a program tied to its ILLWeb Program that produces a notification letter and a book band.
Since the ILLINET Online system is a circulation module of an OPAC, it does not provide the statistics that could have answered these questions.
A $750,000 University Education Donation Program grant from AT&T provided one hundred of the computer workstations at the library and several "network servers," minicomputers that connect ILLINET Online and CD-ROM databases.
ILLINET includes an online union catalog containing twenty million items, a circulation system for thirty-eight participating libraries, and interlibrary loan access for all 2,600 sites where patrons can charge out materials themselves from remote locations and receive most loans in less than a week through a statewide delivery system.
One of the largest multitype library networks is ILLINET, linking public, academic, and some special libraries in a system that allows patrons to directly request specific monographic titles to be delivered to their home library from any other participating library in the system.
In contrast to the recent projects described above, Bernard Sloan of the University of Illinois reflected on the tenyear experience of resource sharing in Illinois using ILLINET Online.
Spreading the ILLINET: A distributed network for library resource sharing in Illinois.