ILLRIndividual Location Longley-Rice (satellite signal reception model)
ILLRInternational Lender of Last Resort (economics)
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Post-treatment Pyrenocine A (3.75 [micro]M) Relative Gene LPS (RQ) (RQ) P value gene Icaml 1 0.4808 0.0973 Tnf 1 0.5617 0.1284 Decreased Illr 1 0.5876 0.3339 Nos2 1 1.5714 0.0457 Illa 1 1.6539 0.0040 Cd40 1 1.7604 0.1098 Increased Il12b 1 2.6979 0.0303 Ill0 1 2.9803 0.0031
Though origins may indeed be illuminated, as may a number of collocations in current usage (ill, for instance, from ON illr 'bad, evil' takes on the sense 'sick' in the fifteenth century, but an ill wind and ill feeling still retain their links to this original etymological sense), the level of detail may perhaps at times perplex the intended (non-specialist) reader.
"Evidence on the Employment Effects of Minimum Wages and Subminimum Wage Provisions from Panel Data on State Minimum Wage Laws." This Issue of ILLR.