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ILMAIndependent Lubricant Manufacturers Association
ILMAInstitutional Life Markets Association (Washington, DC)
ILMAIntubating Laryngeal Mask Airway
ILMAInterior Lumber Manufacturers' Association (Canada)
ILMAIllinois Lake Management Association (ILMA)
ILMAInter Label Machines AG (Switzerland)
ILMAI Love My Art (Orlando, Florida)
ILMAInternational Litigation Management Association
ILMAInternational Legal Malpractice Advisors, LLC
ILMAInternational League of Martial Artists
ILMAInteragency Land Management Agreement
ILMAInteragency Land Management Assignment
ILMAIntegrally Linked Multiple Array
ILMAInternational Literary & Media Agency
ILMAInternationale Literaturagentur, Manuskriptvermittlung
ILMAIncandescent Lamp Manufacturers Association
ILMAIndian Laminate Manufacturer's Association (India)
ILMAIntegrated Laser Modulator Assembly (Uniphase)
ILMAIndependent Local Media Association (Albania)
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While the intubation success rate for GVL has been demonstrated to be 90%-92% in previous studies, the intubation success rates for GVL and ILMA were demonstrated to be close at over 90% in Cinar et al's study (31).
In theory, placement of ILMA does not require distension of pharyngeal structures therefore intubation through ILMA should be less stimulating than laryngoscope-guided intubation7.
The ILMA tube: An inappropriate choice for prolonged ventilation.
Should any attempt at ILMA or LMA insertion prove unsuccessful, oxygenation is essential and non-depolarising muscle relaxants should be reversed.
As part of its guidelines, ILMA has included five supporting documents to be used by providers in their diligence.
In the absence of the ILMA the classic laryngeal mask airway (LMA) has also been used as a conduit for tracheal intubation.
ILMA ("Institutional Life Markets Association"), formed in April of 2007 by Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Group, Bear Stearns Company, Mizuho International, UBS, and West-LB AG.
Shaun T Hunter: Winner of the ILMA acoustic roots, Artist of the Year award.
The company decided to install a 340 mm (13") screen/letterpress machine from Swiss manufacturer ILMA.
For example, a new ILMA ethics initiative illustrates to my members how, through the power of we, ILMA and its members will take their industry to a higher level.