ILMIInterim Local Management Interface
ILMIIntegrated Local Management Interface
ILMIInformation Lifecycle Management Initiative (Storage Networking Industry Association)
ILMIInterim Link Management Interface (ATMF)
ILMIIllinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor (US National Park Service)
ILMIIllustrated List of Manufactured Items
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to him about the Department's initiative for building a data-rich, stakeholder engagement platform to communicate live and directly in an informed and engaging manner with all the stakeholders of Education in Sindh,, says a Bilawal House Media Cell statement here on Wednesday Under the initiative, students, parents, teachers, head masters, lecturers, officers and staff can now communicate live using their mobile phone with ILMI to give feedback, share suggestions, and ask questions as well as to receive information and assistance.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was briefed that ILMI initiative was started in March last year and since then 191,237 students, parents, teachers, headmasters and officers have become ILMI Texters in the database.
Through the ILMI, we can bring real business value by providing clarity from all the vendor-hype and work with the IT community to develop solutions that meet their needs and business requirements.
ILMI is a recently approved DSL Forum CPE Auto-Configuration Working Group specification (TR-37) designed to automatically provision basic Internet access remotely from the DSLAM.
DC-ATM provides the industry leading implementation of the ATM standards, including UNI signalling, PNNI routing, Call Control, ILMI, SoftPVCs, and client and servers for LAN Emulation (LAN-E), Multiprotocol-over-ATM (MPOA) and classical IP over ATM.
Its Soft-ATM(R) product line includes ATM Signalling, ILMI, PNNI Routing, Classical IP over ATM, and LAN Emulation Client subsystems.
At the heart of PNNIsim, DC-ATM products provide the robust, efficient and scalable implementations of PNNI, UNI and ILMI required for effective PNNI network simulation.
PNNIsim allows easy definition of a virtual PNNI network in order to emulate the full functionality of PNNI, ATM Signalling and ILMI network components.
DCL's High Availability Framework integrates seamlessly with Data Connection's full SS7 product range (ISUP, B- ISUP, MTP3, TCAP, SCCP, SAAL), gateway/Voice over IP software (DC-CallSwitch), and ATM product range (UNI, ILMI, multi-hierarchy PNNI, LANE (v1/v2), MPOA, Classical IP over ATM, Call Control, PVC and Soft PVC).
The Soft-ATM(TM) product line includes ATM Signalling, ILMI, PNNI Routing, Classical IP over ATM, LAN Emulation Client, LAN Emulation Server, Multi Protocol over ATM-Client and Multicast Address Resolution Server (MARS) subsystems.