ILMOIlustríssimo (Portuguese: Illustrious)
ILMOIn Loving Memory Of
ILMOIstituto Laser Microchirurgia Oculare (Italian: Laser Ocular Microsurgery Institute)
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Companies Mentioned in this Report: 3M, Advanced Gas Technologies, Advanced Specialty Gases, Airgas, Air Products and Chemicals, Air Liquide, Honeywell International, ILMO Products, Kanto Denka Kogyo, Matheson Tri-Gas, MEGS Specialty Gases, Messer Group, Mitsui Chemicals America, NorLab, Praxair, Showa Denko, The Linde Group
Pinelli in 1998, ILMO is a private clinic specializing in the diagnosis, study and treatment of visual defects and eye diseases.