ILMSIntegrated Library Management System
ILMSIntegrated Logistics Management System
ILMSIntegrated Learning Management System (software; Learning Library)
ILMSIntegrated Learning Management Service (ePath Learning)
ILMSIntegrated Land Management System
ILMSIndiana Lake Management Society
ILMSIntegrated Laboratory Management System (Integrated Medical Systems)
ILMSImproved Launcher Mechanical Systems
ILMSIntegrated Lifestyle Management System (Lifestyle Networks)
ILMSInterim Local Management Interface
ILMSIndian Land Middle School (Indian Land, SC)
ILMSIntegrated Land Management Services Pty Ltd (New South Wales, Australia)
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However, missing in the literature are factors that led to adoption of ILMS in Nigerian university libraries.
The gene expression levels of VEGF[alpha] as well as TGF[beta]2 were significantly higher in fibrous ERMs compared to ILMs (p = 0.016 and p = 0.003, resp., mean and SD values are presented in Table 4).
Such a chain may be compared with the celebrated Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU) chains as a paradigm of the ILMs where the restoring force is given by a cubic function of displacement called the FPU-[beta] model [15].
2 March 2011 - India's CARE yesterday assigned a BBB- rating to the long-term bank facilities of ILMS Developers Pvt Ltd.
A: In ILMS, because of the way we source the offerings, we haven't been the most channel friendly.
The rest of Part I establishes or reinforces many stylized facts about ILMs' effects on Japanese labor markets.
The author uses vacancy chains to look for evidence of ILMs in staffing decisions.
Some 40 years later, "Star Wars" is one of the most valuable franchises in entertainment and ILM is a beloved institution with locations in four cities on three continents, a prized asset of the Walt Disney Co.
Of the top 10 worldwide box office grossing films of all time ILM has worked on seven.
Yet, it was Williams's pseudopod design for Cameron that landed him his ILM job in the first place.