ILMSIntegrated Library Management System
ILMSIntegrated Logistics Management System
ILMSIntegrated Learning Management System (software; Learning Library)
ILMSIntegrated Learning Management Service (ePath Learning)
ILMSIntegrated Land Management System
ILMSIndiana Lake Management Society
ILMSIntegrated Laboratory Management System (Integrated Medical Systems)
ILMSImproved Launcher Mechanical Systems
ILMSIntegrated Lifestyle Management System (Lifestyle Networks)
ILMSInterim Local Management Interface
ILMSIndian Land Middle School (Indian Land, SC)
ILMSIntegrated Land Management Services Pty Ltd (New South Wales, Australia)
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We bring expertise in the storage environment, in terms of intellectual property in the in the ILMS arena, in terms of 1000 plus SEs and sales reps that know how to sell storage, several thousand service people with a great reputation.
ISOPIA will initially integrate their ILMS with LearnLinc and TestLinc, while plans to include other Mentergy learning tools in its system are currently under development.
LearnLinc's virtual classroom is an excellent match for Isopia's ILMS," said Omid Hodaie, President and CEO at ISOPIA.
Content in diverse areas ranging from IT training, soft skills to management courses will be offered using this ILMS.