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Kecemerlangan Ilmu Dalam Sejarah dan Tamadun Islam: Penginstitusian Ilmu di Zaman 'Abbasiyyah 750-1258 M.
Rokiah's and Salmah's father, himself a very pious and learned student of the Quran, throughout the painful days that preceded and followed Zul's death, grew uncomfortable with the visits to bomohs and the discussion of dangerous ilmu. To him, while Zul may have been cursed, to constantly seek an answer for why it happened was un-Islamic, because it was as if Allah's choice for Zul was being questioned.
The Hikayat Panji consists of tales from the 13th century, which tell of the many adventures of Prince Panji, while the Kitab Ilmu Bedil is a traditional literary book written in the mid-19th century containing precious traditional knowledge on weaponry.
Jurnal Ilmu Tanah dan Lingkungan, 2(2), Oktober 1999:1-7.
Printworld Ltd., 2001); Michael Hopes, Ilmu: Magic and divination amongst the Benuaq and Tunjung Dayak (Jakarta: Puspa Swara and Rio Tinto Foundation, 1997).
A book entitled Ilmu Politik dalam Islam: Orientasi NDP, written by Haji Antin Ahad, the party's Vice-President, was launched by M Yasin Affandy, NDP President (BBO M.20.10.2008).
(19.) Harimurti Kridalaksana, 'Bustanul-Katibin dan Kitab Pengetahuan Bahasa -- Sumbangan Raja Ali Haji dalam Ilmu Bahasa Melayu,' in Tradisi Johor-Riau; Kertas Kerja Hari Sastra 1983, ed.
The Terengganu Pakatan Harapan (PH) today lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on the Taman Ilmu East Coast Economic Region development project in Tembila, Besut.
According to Mohamad Kamil and Wan Adli (2007), the scope of the Islamic thought covers word knowledge (ilmu kalam), philosophy and Islamic mysticism (tasawwuf), man, natural life, death and others.
(10.) The Malay text reads: 'Adapun yang memberi kuat akan jimak itu melihat orang jimak atau binatang jimak dengan ditilik kepada segala parji binatang itu dan membaca segala kitab yang dikarang oleh segala ulama pada menyatakan ilmu nisa itu dan menengar segala hikayat orang kuat kimak dan menengar suara perempuan yang merdu...' (emphasis added); Leiden University Library Cod.
Newly-appointed Terengganu Mentri Besar Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar will visit the ailing Taman Ilmu project in Tembila, Besut to assess its latest progress and find viable solutions that will benefit the people.
Peluang-peluang Penyelidikan Kualitatif Dalam Ilmu Falak.