ILOMIntegrated Lights Out Manager (Sun Microsystems)
ILOMIntegrated Lights Out Manager
ILOMIndigenous Leader Outreach Model
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On March 25, 2013, Elena Caba Ilom entered the courtroom, walking with difficulty and leaning on a courtroom secretary, who led her to a small desk where she was seated in front of Judge Yasmin Barrios.
ORPA was founded in 1979 by Rodrigo Asturias, known by the nom de guerre of Gaspar Ilom, for the Indian rebel leader in the novel Men of Maize, written by Asturias's Nobel Prize-winning father, Miguel Angel Asturias.
Hombres de maiz opens with the Guatemalan earth accusing the Mayan chief Gaspar Ilom of having betrayed it.
The government suspended the peace talks until ORPA's top leader, Gaspar Ilom, resigned from the negotiating table in November.
His life changed when he met Gaspar Ilom, son of Nobel Prize-winning writer Miguel Angel Asturias.
The first part is about Gaspar Ilom, who wages a war against professional maize growers.
Stationed in the municipality of Chajul, Quiche, this task force was used to attack the following villages: Xix, Tisis, Xolcuay, Batzul, Chichel, Pery, Xemal, Ilom, Chel, Caba, Jua, Xecampanabitz, Sumalito, Juil, Chaxa, Sisiban, and Cajixay.