ILORInternational Letter of Request
ILORImposta Locale Sui Redditi (Italian)
ILORImperial Legions of Rome (Seattle, WA band)
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Traditionally, Italy has imposed two levels of income tax: the imposta sul reddito delle persone giuridiche (IRPEG), a 37% tax on an Italian resident company's worldwide net income, and the imposta locale sul redditi (ILOR), a 16.2% tax on Italian-source income.
Sullivan's current choices for what's hot include Google and the Google Toolbar (, (there have been big improvements there recently), Teoma,, and the Internet Archive's recently debuted Wayback Machine.
A more general cut in non-wage labour costs has come with the 1997-98 tax reform, which instituted IRAP, a new regional tax on business activity, which has replaced a variety of taxes and contributions, including the local income tax (ILOR), the tax on companies' net worth, municipal taxes and employers' contributions to the national health system (see Part II).
Sterling, Kentucky, iLOR (short for "Internet Lore") operates its Web search service at, and markets its underlying technology at
In addition, it introduced a local income tax (ILOR), taxing only those incomes originating from real estate and business.
until the date and time limit for submitting tenders in the notice of participation; 2) If constit.garantiei participation in a currency other than that specified, it will account for the equivalent course by the NBR for the date of publication notice in the SEAP .3) If bidders ILOR that are found in the category of SMEs according to Law.
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Estimates of singing ILOR minimum and maximum, which will perform works throughout framework agreement (4 years):
If bidders ILOR found in SME - s (making proof of this by presenting the document provided by Law no.346 take / 2004) guarantees Take proper implementation Board consists in 50% of the amount He said the document takes the award.
If bidders ILOR that are found in the category of small and medium according to Law.