ILOSTInternational Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery Team
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BALLYMENA'S YOUNG GUNS 21 19 19 SEAN O'NEILL(Goalkeeper) AARON STEWART (Centre-half)CHRIS RAMSEY(Centre-half ) LEE COLLIGAN (Full-back)MICHAEL SMITH(Def/Midf) PHILIP CARSON (Midfielder) DAVID CUSHLEY(Midf/Wing) GEORGE STEWART (Winger) 20 21 21 20 19 Ilost in TOP MICHA (Ballym Top disp from rig at MANAEL SMITHmena Utd) play and goalght midfield
Ilost count of the number of times they couldn't get the ball past the first defender'
ILOST my job after the firm I worked for ceased trading.
ILOST touch with my daughter, Annette, after the divorce from my wife, Silvia Hall.
.IWOULD liketosayabig thank youtothe handed my purse in to Tuebrook Office after Ilost it, also gentleman from the P.
ILOST my job last year and put part of my redundancy money into an ISA for me and my wife.
An off-sales iowner has ilost his licence after being caught selling booze to children.