ILPSInternational Symposium on Logic Programming
ILPSInternational Logic Programming Symposium
ILPSInternational League of Peoples' Struggles
ILPSInternational Lecithin & Phospholipid Society
ILPSInternational Loss Prevention Systems (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
ILPSInstitute for Language and Preparatory Studies (Czech Republic)
ILPSInternal Loss Prevention Supervisor (mostly for department stores and banks)
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'Our aim is to review TVET-related issues thoroughly and devise a new strategy in order to strengthen TVET,' he told reporters after visiting the Selandar Industrial Training Institute (ILP) here today.
(61) This self-assessment document is sent to ILPs once the OLSC has received notification from the Law Society of NSW that a practice has incorporated.
As previously laid down in the rules, the ILPs were being compensated when they will be called to utilize their own generating facilities for the operation of their businesses or establishments.
In [8], four optical core network architectures were compared by giving their respective integer linear programming (ILP) formulations.
Nesse sentido, em estudo realizado em Porto Alegre-RS foi encontrado maior risco de desnutricao (27,3%) em idosos moradores das ILPs quando comparados a idosos que residiam em suas moradias (10,1%) (24).
Tomando en consideracion que el analisis de las experiencias de las ILPS y los GSP desde una perspectiva intercultural e intergeneracional, fue uno de los propositos mas relevantes en esta investigacion, presentamos los principales hallazgos, estableciendo las caracteristicas de esta perspectiva en las experiencias.
The pivotal protein in any insulin family-based signaling pathway is the insulin receptor that is responsible for mediating the signal carried by insulin-like peptides (ILPs) from the intercellular to the intracellular environment.
Registered with an American accredited homeschooling academy, she said as part of the program, her boys are assigned a licensed teacher as an advisor too, who helps develop Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).
2013), can also be initiated by insulin or insulin-like peptides (ILPS), a hormone with a major role in the carbohydrate metabolism and which also act as a nutrition-dependant control of insect development (Hua, 2010; Yamanaka et al.
As I've told people, I'm more afraid of getting run down in the streets [of] Manila and more afraid of having someone stick a bullet in my luggage on my way out, Malcolm Guy, a Canadian and secretary general of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS), told the Inquirer Thursday.