ILRCImmigrant Legal Resource Center (San Francisco, CA)
ILRCIndependent Living Resource Center (Jefferson City, MO)
ILRCInternational Laser Radar Conference (geophysics)
ILRCIndian Law Resource Center
ILRCIntegrated Learning Resource Centre (UK)
ILRCIndependent Living Resources Center
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Eduardo Landulfo was elected an ICLAS member at the 26th ILRC held in Greece, in 2012.
Armandillo, 2002a: Toward a lidar network in Latin America, Lidar Remote Sensing in Atmospheric and Earth Sciences, Part II: Proceedings of 21st ILRC, L.
Laser Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere: Selected Papers of the 2000 ILRC, A.
A series of presentations and papers at the ILRCs describe the progress, obstacles, and challenges over the years building up LALINET (Antuna et al.
Most of the fluids that we measured during the course of this work are listed (by ILRC category) in Table 1 (90).
This fluid is listed in the ILRC under sample reference No 0014.
It is included in the ILRC database under sample reference No 0214.
How this challenge is addressed does not have a direct solution, but the ILRC is approaching this challenge through agricultural zoning, which will help communities better protect and understand the value that agricultural land brings to Indiana's state and local economies by managing urban development in a smart way.
More information about ILRC and agricultural zoning can be found at www.
To be fair, the ILRC does argue for "far greater freedom, with far less federal interference, with greater certainty about their ownership and control over their lands and resources.