ILRFInternational Labor Rights Fund
ILRFIndigenous Land Rights Fund (est. 2004)
ILRFInteragency Labor Relations Forum (professional network)
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This is a significantly low number compared to several thousands of deaths in Bangladesh only in one industry in the same time period (CPD, 2013; ILRF, 2013).
ILRF says Florverde is "not motivated by an interest to protect workers, but by an interest to sell flowers to US consumers.
The existence of child labour and other labour abusive practices were found to varying degrees in all four Fifa licensed supply chains" that the group studied in Pakistan, the ILRF said in a June 7 report.
Firestone has an 82-year history of exploitation in Liberia," says Tim Newman, campaigns assistant for ILRF.
Most of these cases have been brought by international human rights organizations such as the Earth Rights Institute, Amnesty International, and the ILRF mentioned above.
Los grupos que presentaron conjuntamente con HRW la peticion 9701 (por ejemplo, ILRF y ANAD) no acentuan tanto la division entre derechos humanos como HRW lo hace.
Preliminary data gathered by the ILRF suggests that similar abuses are taking place among major U.
In addition to the Unocal case, the ILRF is handling ATCA lawsuits against Coca-Cola (for allegedly using paramilitary forces to suppress--violently--union activity in Colombia), Del Monte (for allegedly employing thugs who tortured union leaders in Guatemala), DynCorp (for allegedly spraying Ecuadorean farmers and villagers with toxic chemicals that were supposed to be dumped on coca plants in Colombia) and the Drummond Company, a mining firm (for allegedly hiring gunmen to torture, kidnap and murder labor leaders in Colombia).
This article is the last in four-part series released under the auspices of the ILRF for the purpose of generating a dialogue on important issues among federal labor relations practitioners-management and union representatives alike-and other interested parties.
According to the ILRF, these human-rights violations have included "genocide, murder, torture, crimes against humanity, sexual violence, and kidnapping.
In it's original complaint filed last November, ILRF asked for an investigation into the rug-making industries of Nepal, India and Pakistan and to seize all handknotted carpets waiting to enter the country until they were proven not to have been made with prohibited child labor.
RAN, OPPUK, and ILRF are calling for the suspension of two of Indofoods palm oil plantation subsidiariesPT.