ILSRInstitute for Local Self-Reliance (Washington, DC and Minneapolis, Minnesota)
ILSRInstitute for Labor Studies and Research (Cranston, RI)
ILSRInstitute for Learning Styles Research (est. 1996)
ILSRIntegrated Logistics Support Review
ILSRIntegrated Logistics Support Requirements
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In January 2005, ILSR distributed the RFQ to 17 prospective salvage and deconstruction companies identified by the Hamer Center, as well as to the Board of Directors of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council.
KBS's total bid amount for deconstructing both properties fell within the project budget and ILSR officially requested permission from the city to deconstruct the two Susquehanna houses.
In the report, titled "A Better Way of Getting From Here to There: A commentary on the hydrogen economy and a proposal for an alternative strategy," ILSR said Morris urges Schwarzenegger to conduct a study of the comparative costs and benefits of hydrogen and ethanol before implementing the hydrogen highway proposal.
Contact: David Morris, ILSR, phone 612-379-3815, e-mail dmorris@ilsr.
According to ILSR, the report also notes that while "the use of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) by itself could reduce liquid fuel consumption by 30 to 50 percent," expanding the electric-only driving capacity of HEVs' electric battery system "could reduce liquid fuel consumption by another 30 to 40 percent and allow the vehicle to run off renewable electricity," with "the dramatically reduced liquid fuel consumption that would result [enabling] the building of an ethanol highway.
Over the last 15 years, the square footage of retail store space in the United States has doubled, according to ILSR.
The future of American agriculture may depend on this," says David Morris, ILSR vice president and author of "Putting the Pieces Together: Commercializing Cellulosic Ethanol.
The City of Philadelphia recently funded the ILSR to examine the benefits of deconstructing some 19,000 inner-city buildings.
ILSRs new report examines whats causing commercial rents to skyrocket and explores six broad policy strategies that elected officials and community leaders are proposing to address it.
This cooperative model could bring high quality Internet access to every farm in the country, says Christopher Mitchell, director of ILSRs Community Broadband Networks initiative.