ILSSInterlaminar Shear Strength
ILSSInstitute of Lithuanian Scientific Society
ILSSIntegrated Logistics Support System
ILSSIntegrated Logistics Support Standards
ILSSInstitute of Labour and Social Studies (Warsaw, Poland)
ILSSIndustry Launch Services - Storable
ILSSInternational Language School Service (Italy)
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To illustrate the moderator effect, the Figure shows the mean scores of the ILSS for the 12-month follow-up for high and low insight subgroups of each treatment group.
Linear regression models tested moderator relationships between baseline insight (BIS) and change in insight (difference between 12-month follow-up and baseline BIS scores) as predictors of ILSS at the 12-month follow-up assessment.
In both younger [1415] and older patients [16] with schizophrenia, the ILSS has been shown to be a reliable, stable, and sensitive measure of functional deficit.
3% of their weight while retaining 100% of their ILSS with no degradation.
Seven specimens were used for each flexural and ILSS tests.
The ILSS value of these plates increased with the decreasing void content.
15) studied ILSS of composites made using plain weave S-glass subjected to out of plain high strain rate compressive loading.
Further, they reported that the ILSS decreases with increasing strain rate.
CCA did not cause any reduction in the ILSS of the FRP, indicating that no drastic effects on the phenolic matrix or fiber-matrix interface occurred (Figs.
The apparent ILSS can be measured based on the short-beam test method according to ASTM D 2344.
The results of ILSS and flexural strengths for the epoxy/CF composites prepared with untreated and treated fibers are presented in Table 3 and Fig.
4) Surface-treated carbon fibers yielded composites with better and improved ILSS and flexural strength values.