ILSSInterlaminar Shear Strength
ILSSIntegrated Life Support System
ILSSInstitute of Lithuanian Scientific Society
ILSSIntegrated Logistics Support System
ILSSIntegrated Logistics Support Standards
ILSSInstitute of Labour and Social Studies (Warsaw, Poland)
ILSSIndustry Launch Services - Storable
ILSSInternational Language School Service (Italy)
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We are confident that our collaboration with CSF for this unique ILSS Leadership Programme will pave the way for impactful leadership roles in reforming India.
By identifying possibilities, challenges and rewards of the social sector, the ILSS platform endeavours to create an informed movement of leadership talent for the sector.
Young's modulus, flexural strength, ILSS and fracture toughness are all increased as a result of particle filler into a matrix.
Linear regression models tested moderator relationships between baseline insight (BIS) and change in insight (difference between 12-month follow-up and baseline BIS scores) as predictors of ILSS at the 12-month follow-up assessment.
To illustrate the moderator effect, the Figure shows the mean scores of the ILSS for the 12-month follow-up for high and low insight subgroups of each treatment group.
CCA did not cause any reduction in the ILSS of the FRP, indicating that no drastic effects on the phenolic matrix or fiber-matrix interface occurred (Figs.
Our results indicate that a reduction in tensile strength and ILSS occurred in waterborne preservative treated FRP composites when either ground contact or marine retention levels (19% to 28% reduction, respectively) were used.
Nanjundaradhya, Ramesh S Sharma, An Investigation On ILSS Properties Of Unidirectional Glass Fibre / Alumina Nanoparticles Filled Epoxy Nanocomposite At Different Angles Of Fibre Orientations
Further, they reported that the ILSS decreases with increasing strain rate.
The flexural strength and ILSS of composites based on BADCy/CTBN (85/15) are about 112% and 130% higher than that of the composites based on BADCy, respectively.
An average minimum of 20 tests was used for each result in the case of ILSS.