ILSSAInclusive Large Scale Standards and Assessment (est. 1998; University of Kentucky)
ILSSAInstitute of Labour, Science and Social Affairs (Vietnam)
ILSSAImproving Labour Systems in Southern Africa (UN International Labour Organization)
ILSSAInformation and Library Studies Student Association (University of Michigan)
ILSSAInternational Lodging Safety and Security Association
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The example below, created by colleagues with ILSSA at the University of Kentucky (Kearns, Clayton, & Burdge, 2005), illustrates how an 8th grade standard i.
The Vietnamese version was published in Hanoi in 1993 for ILSSA [Vien Khoa Hoc Xa Hoi va Cac Van De Lao Dong] under the title Doanh Nghiep Nho O Viet Nam [Small Business Enterprise in Viet Nam].
For instance, ILSSA President Dao Quang Vinh called for further research on credit access and how to promote non-farming activity.