ILT3Immunoglobulin-Like Transcript 3
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ILT3 e ILT4 juegan un papel importante en la maduracion de celulas T CD4+ virgenes hacia Treg.
Central role of ILT3 in the T suppressor cell cascade.
These so-called DC-10 are tolerogenic DCs and characterized by the high expression intensities of HLA-G1, ILT2, ILT4, and ILT3 and their production of high IL-10 levels.
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To date, we have observed one coding-change polymorphism in the ILT3 receptor which is associated with TNF-[alpha] levels in SLE patients [24].
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The following combination of antibodies wasusedtocharacterizethe phenotypeofMDDCs: (a) MHCIIFITC (mouse IgG2a k), SLAMF1 PE (mouse IgG1 k), CD11c PerCP-eFluor 710 (mouse IgG1 k), and B7/H1 APC (mouse IgG1 k); (b) CD83 FITC, CD80 PE, CD11c PerCP-eFluor 710 (mouse IgG1 k), and CD86 APC (mouse IgG1 k); (c) CD205 FITC (mouse IgG2b k), CD40 PE (mouse IgG1 k), CD11c PerCP-eFluor 710 (mouse IgG1 k), and ILT3 APC (mouse IgG1 k).