ILTCInternational Law and Trade Conference
ILTCInternational Leadership Training Conference (Perlman Camp; Starlight, PA)
ILTCIndividual Long-Term Care (insurance)
ILTCIsland Lake Tribal Council (Canada)
ILTCIowa Learning Technology Commission (Iowa General Assembly)
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Therefore, we set the ILTC [[psi].sub.i,j] = 0.01 for the other 12 second-class logistics areas, and the final weights for each subindicator of the 13 second-class logistics areas are as presented in Table 2.
So, if we want to control the data information loss in a reasonable range, we should set the ILTC in a sufficiently small range so that the inherent defects of the entropy weight method can be restrained to a certain extent and make all indicators play a role in the weight obtaining processes.
So, how to apply this approach into actual engineering practice and how to determine the ILTC, as well as the value of [DELTA][r.sup.k.sub.ij] reasonably in the practice, are further study works.
Overall, the research project highlights that the ILTC program achieves many of the goals the camp seeks to accomplish (see "Methodology" sidebar on page 48).
Throughout the entire research project, female ILTC participants consistently scored higher than the male ILTC participants on all indicators of leadership skill strength.
Rather than being assigned eight different leadership sessions to teach, during the summer of 2003, each ILTC leadership instructor developed and taught only two specific leadership sessions.