ILTDIndian Leaf Tobacco Development
ILTDImproved Logical Topology Design
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Tenders are invited for renovate the street lighting with required cabling with ug cables with feeder piller boxes for side lighting at dowaleswaram end to iltd junction with required materials in mcr
Tenders are invited for supply & errection of 12 mtrs high mast light pole at iltd junction in 18th diovision in mcr
Tenders are invited for urgent repairs to anaparthi-lolla road (via) iltd, koppavaram, polamuru, ramavaram from km 1/620 to 4/634 in east godavari district
Tenders are invited for package no 83/to/2014-15 (2 works),est cost rs 177.00 lakhs a) road from agrb at arikirevula to iltd company at egk road at kovvuru mandal and constituency, est cost rs 90.00/87.00 lakhs b) road from chandravaram to vadapalli of kovvuru mandal and constituency,est cost rs 90.00 lakhs
Tenders are invited for providing central lighting from iltd main gate to rtc garage in gbc road in chirala municipality