ILTPIntegrated Long Term Programme of Cooperation (Russia)
ILTPIntegrated Local Transport Plan (Australia)
ILTPInternational Lifeguard Training Program
ILTPIntuitionistic Logic Theorem Proving (University of Potsdam; Potsdam, Germany)
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The Universities of Abuja and Calabar all together acquired sixty-seven more titles than the 215 titles earlier determined for ILTP in Table 1.
The subject coverage of library collection spanned a wider range of twenty-two (22) subject areas than the nineteen (19) areas earlier identified in Table II for ILTP output.
The similarity in subject deficiencies highlighted, is again affirming the fact that ILTP may not have sufficiently responded to textbook requirements for the LL.
Pearson Correlation Coefficient table for Relationship between ILTP Output and Library Acquisitions.
Pearson Correlation Coefficient Table for Relationship between 11,11* output and law students utilization Variables Mean Std Deviation Correlation ILTP output 46.
The relevance of ILTP to the education and research needs of law students is revealed by study results.
The study also highlighted other social, economic and political conditions affecting ILTP and library acquisitions.
The fact that these sources were frequently used by law students to meet their textbook needs indicates the significant influence of sales on Indigenous Law Textbook Publishing (ILTP), implying therefore that law students' utilization affects the performance of ILTP albeit indirectly.