ILTPIntegrated Long Term Programme of Cooperation (Russia)
ILTPIntegrated Local Transport Plan (Australia)
ILTPInternational Lifeguard Training Program
ILTPIntuitionistic Logic Theorem Proving (University of Potsdam; Potsdam, Germany)
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A strong ILTP with regular training using the above-cited sources coupled with 150-hour refresher/sustainment training and proper command emphasis by dedicafing time for language training on the unit training schedule will greatly enhance a linguist's proficiency and help them achieve ILR level 3 and beyond in listening and reading.
* To what extent is Indigenous Law Textbook Publishing (ILTP) related to library acquisitions and law students' textbook utilization?
The first category comprised the population of ILTP output together with that of published titles acquired by sampled University libraries during the period under study.
Three Nigerian Bibliographies were consulted for a comprehensive listing of the book output of Indigenous Law Textbook Publishing (ILTP) from 1960-1999.
Correlation analyses were used in order to specify the relationship between the dependent variable (ILTP output) and the independent variables (library acquisitions and use).
An assessment of Indigenous Law Textbook Publishing (ILTP) in Nigeria revealed that four categories of Nigerian Publishers contributed to a total of 215 titles during the period 1960-1999.
The inconsistent growth in ILTP can be observed by the fall in production figures from the 64 titles of the 1985 - 1989 period to 45 or 20.9% of 1990-1994.
Similar to iLTP, pLTP occurs through an NMDA and CAMKII-dependent increase in synaptic AMPA receptor function [9-12].
We next tested whether a depotentiation LFS protocol was capable of reducing synaptic strength in mice subjected to CA/CPR, thus providing further evidence of sustained iLTP. In sham controls, fEPSP slopes were 110 [+ or -] 4.2% (n = 6) of baseline after LFS, an increase that was not statistically significant (p = 006) (Figure 3(b)).
Other groups have reported that iLTP observed at acute time points is a result of increased expression and function of NMDA receptors [1, 3, 8].
Interestingly, rodent studies have shown that exposure of animals to novel environments can depotentiate previously acquired experience-dependent LTP, indicating the potential for novel rehabilitation strategies to reverse iLTP [28].
Is iLTP beneficial or detrimental to hippocampal function?