ILTSInternational Liver Transplantation Society (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
ILTSInstitute of Low Temperature Science
ILTSInternational Lottery & Totalizator Systems Inc. (computerized wagering; Carlsbad, CA)
ILTSIntelligent Language Tutoring System (artificial intelligence)
ILTSIndustries de la Langue et Traduction Spécialisée (French: Language Industry and Specialized Translation)
ILTSInternational Language Teaching Services (various locations)
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ILTs are used by individuals as a sense making function (Weick, 1995).
the explicit form of ILTs in leaders) influenced supportive, creative and resistant behaviors of employees via positive affect and commitment to change.
The merger was effected pursuant to that certain agreement and plan of merger, dated January 8, 2014, which was approved and adopted by Berjaya Lottery Management Ltd., the holder of 9,245,317 shares of the common stock of ILTS California, representing 71.3% of the outstanding shares, by written consent on January 9, 2014.
Under the deal, ILTS Delaware is the surviving corporation and changed its name to "International Lottery and Totalizator Systems, Inc."
The ILTs examined the features of productive group work, especially how to listen for indicators of advanced language use.
The ILTs collectively developed hundreds of language frames for each grade level and content area and posted them on the district's server for use by all the schools.
As in real estate, location is the critical factor with ILTs. Placement should be based on several factors.
On the other days interns are in the field, liaisons visit sites to meet with the ILTs for each intern.
"By providing funding for liver transplantation and funding for members to give lectures in emerging countries, ILTS is working to further increase the knowledge of those in the industry, particularly on a global level," said ILTS President Geoffrey McCaughan, MD, PhD.