ILUAIndigenous Land Use Agreement (Australia)
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Integra ted land use assessment project report (ILUA II), Lusaka, Government of the Republic of Zambia.
By engaging with spatial politics, the Statewide ILUA process is addressing power imbalances ...
While the ILUA led most local residents to regard the role of Aboriginal people in the campaign as limited, in discussions about relations to land and forms of belonging Aboriginal people did often provide what Mulcock (2008:184) referred to more broadly as 'an inevitable point of reference and comparison'.
In accordance with the future acts regime, the community instigated ILUA negotiations with the Karajarri traditional owners.
`How do these ILUAs work?' I asked, wondering just how weird this conversation was going to get.
An ILUA was reached between the State of New South Wales and the representative Aboriginal body for that State.
We are here to pay our tribute to this man of many parts; an icon, our father, our leader, our mentor, the Agbaakin of Ilua, Kajola Local Government, Chief Joseph Olaonipekun Adesokan.