ILUCIndirect Land Use Change
ILUCInternal Line-Up Clamp (pipeline construction)
ILUCIndiana Land Use Consortium
ILUCInteragency Land Use Council (Wisconsin)
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Ecofys also concludes that "CTO use for biofuels did not cause displacement effects elsewhere, and hence CTO, a non-land using process residue, is a low ILUC (Indirect Land Use Change) risk material.
While the moderate representatives disregard ILUCs or consider them to be manageable, the radical members consider ILUCs to be inevitable and are sceptical of the feasibility of effective political regulation (in a capitalist system).
Lastly, while the group of five backed the inclusion of ILUC factors ('once we have a solid scientific basis,' clarified Copenhagen), Poland rejected any reference to these factors and Hungary proposed to assign them a null factor.
Potential ILUC effects will now be considered when assessing the greenhouse gas performance , of biofuels: each feedstock will get an ILUC factor, which will be added to the assumed amount of carbon generated by a biofuel's production and use.
Even when uncertainties are high, there is strong evidence that the ILUC effect is significant and that this effect is crop?
Several environmental and academic groups argued that, as a result of ILUC costs, corn ethanol should not be permissible under the RFS2.
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They claim the proposal has loopholes that will allow EU member states to ignore the ILUC criteria and ignore the greenhouse gas emissions caused in the production of biofuels when estimating EU member state required reductions.
It continued: "The decision to deliver a report on ILUC by the end of 2010 is in line with what the industry has constantly advocated.
The objective of the contract is to provide technical assistance concerning the reporting requirements of the European Commission on biofuels and other renewable fuels stemming from the Directive (EU) 2015/1513 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the measures aiming to address the ILUC impacts of the EU biofuel policy.
On 12 December, the member states' energy ministers took a position on whether or not to include the ILUC (indirect land use change) factors in the two directives laying down the conditions for member states to include biofuels in their objectives for renewables in transport.