ILUCIndirect Land Use Change
ILUCInternal Line-Up Clamp (pipeline construction)
ILUCIndiana Land Use Consortium
ILUCInteragency Land Use Council (Wisconsin)
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In June last year, the EU Parliament and national governments agreed to progressively phase out the use of the highest emitting biofuels or 'high ILUC risk' biofuels by 2030.
However, the biodiesel industry says the science behind measuring the ILUC caused by biofuels, and the emissions that might result, is inconclusive and not firm enough to justify making a U-turn on renewables support policy.
ILUC is a matter of concern because the areas oriented to biofuel production can displace other agricultural activities towards lands whose land cover are important carbon reservoirs, or food production.
However, the main report which informed the Commission's latest proposals, published last year for by the EU's scientific and technical research laboratory the Joint Research Council, recommended ILUC factors, while acknowledging their complexity.
The EC suggested that indirect land use change (ILUC) factors had to be included in the reporting by fuel suppliers and EU Member States of greenhouse gas savings of biofuels and bioliquids.
08/11/2010, INSTITUTE FOR EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY (IEEP) -- The first study to review indirect land use change (ILUC) impacts of the EU-wide increase in biofuels use up to 2020, concludes that European policy does not adequately protect the environment.
"Currently, there is no scientific consensus on ILUC [indirect land use change] and, therefore, there cannot be ILUC based regulation.
Prior to EPA's release of its final rule on RFS2 (on February 3, 2010), EPA measurement of lifecycle GHG reductions for various biofuels pathways had become somewhat contentious due to the explicit requirement to incorporate so-called "indirect land use changes" (ILUC) in the GHG emissions assessment.
The funds have been received for the project 'Land Use Change: Science and Policy Review.' The review is intending to evaluate the current status of indirect land use change (ILUC) in relation to biofuels.
The GRFA calls on all governments to base an indirect land use change (ILUC) policy on transparent and unequivocal scientific evidence only.