ILVSin Line Vehicle Sequencing
ILVSIn Line Vehicle Sequencing (used in Ford assembly to swap out similar vehicles to expedite delivery)
ILVSInternational Laboratory of Visitor Studies (Wisconsin University Psychology department)
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Upwards of forty colors are used on the appliques for Ford's SUVs and a prone reason that an ILVS was so desirable.
The ILVS is completely data driven, of course, and the data initiates from Ford in the form of 12,000 new records each morning with VIN numbers, part numbers, ship dates and destination data representing six days of sequenced building of the three vehicles at the two plants.
When the data is dropped down to the ILVS line it is error checked again.
The ILVS sequencing only begins when the colored applique is mated to a piece of glass, but after the glass has been molded and hardware attached.
In Abney's opinion, "When you look at our ILVS portion of it, the quality record that we have, it's been almost flawless.
The ILVS process requires that the 2,000 unique headliners produced each day are delivered to the Ford assembly plant in the exact order as the trucks coming down the line.
Bob Fish, ILVS Planning/Support Manager, Ford Motor Company, said, "Autoliv has utilized VIA's Man-IT system to send us sequenced parts with quality integrity.