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Johansmeyer, who views ILWs as a new concept for the cyber sector, said, along with other techniques, it offers "a greater opportunity to dynamically manage risk capital.
If the ILW was set at $4 billion of loss, then the reinsurance is triggered and the reinsurer will pay an amount towards the buyer's losses.
The research focused on the chemical behaviours of ILW stored in the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo--one of the UK's most hazardous buildings, which has been prioritised for clean-up by the NDA.
In the last year, the Guy Carpenter industry loss warranty (ILW) team has been involved in the development, shaping and arrangement of more that 150 ILW contracts.
Metal/Stone building was built in 1989 with concrete floor and nice open work area under roof in zone of ILW.
Glenn Vanghan, the authority's site programme manager, said: "Completion of the recovery of the waste from the vaults is a significant event for the site, representing completion of the first bulk ILW waste stream.
Papers from a fall 2006 conference are presented here, in sections on spent fuel, performance assessment and models, ceramic and vitreous waste forms for plutonium and HLW, historical perspectives and future trends, containers and engineered barriers, waste form radiation damage and dissolution, waste forms for LLW and ILW, radionuclides and waste characterization, disposal environments and site characteristics, and partitioning and transmutation.
Whereas HLW contains 99 percent of the radioactivity in the used fuel, the ILW carries only one percent.
Composite cement-based formulations with partial replacement of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) by latent hydraulic materials such as blast furnace slag (BFS) or pozzolanic materials such as pulverised fuel ash (PFA) have been extensively used for encapsulation of liquid and solid ILW such as sludges, ion exchange resins and metallic debris (Ojovan and Lee, 2005; Sharp et al.
ILW said the new journal carries "thought-provoking" articles and reviews on immigration, immigration system reform and the latest developments in PERM.