ILWCInternational League of Women Composers
ILWCIso-Lateral Wide Chest (fitness equipment)
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Events detected by using CR1 have been plotted on the ILWC time series, as it can be seen in Fig.
2(b) is that events detected by CR2 and CR3 are only kept if they verify ILWC > [ILWC.
Similar analysis based on time series of ILWC have also been carried out in Madrid/Barajas, for years 2008 to 2011.
As it is shown in the yearly time series of ILWC given in Fig.
A total of 23 radiosoundings have been identified as carried out under rainy conditions and they have been plotted on the ILWC time series previously obtained, as it is shown in Fig.
3(a) and 3(b) allow to observe a good agreement on the detection of events, specially for those characterized by ILWC values above 0.
Below 1% of the time, where rain attenuation is the main propagation impairment, the values observed could be related to the sporadic presence of clouds with high ILWC values.
As it was mentioned in Section 4, isolated cloud events characterized by high ILWC values are responsible of this particularity.