ILWUInternational Longshore and Warehouse Union (formerly International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union)
ILWUInternational Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union
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The aim, Rutledge says, is to "at least neutralize the advantage that the ILWU has over us.
During his tenure as division director, Lapenia has represented the ILWU in negotiations on the Big Island during some of the industry's darkest and most unsettling days.
The court upheld two National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decisions declaring that ILWU engaged in deliberate work stoppages and slowdowns, made false safety claims, and engaged in other coercive conduct against ICTSI Oregon and its customers.
In addition, at the recent ILWU convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, Domingo and Viernes succeeded in passing a resolution to send an investigating team to the Philippines to look into the conditions of Filipino workers under martial law.
The letter was a follow up to similar correspondence in March that encouraged the ILWU and PMA to begin early discussions on either a contract extension or a new contract.
Instead, the sticking point appears to be whether the ILWU should have the power to fire the neutral arbitrators who pass judgment on disputes that periodically arise between labor and management.
ILWU workers have honored our pickets and sided with the community against US complicity in Israeli apartheid.
2B over 10 years to fully implement TWIC, and ILWU legislative director Lindsay McLaughlin said the ILWU considers "that TWIC offers very few benefits and feels it would be wiser to spend this money on other port security initiatives".
The ILWU Local 142 and Wes Lum, director of the state Executive Office on Aging, have submitted written testimony supporting the bill.
C'est le fruit d'un effort collectif qui va beneficier aux familles des travailleurs pendant de nombreuses annees", a estime John Fageaux, qui dirige la branche locale du syndicat ILWU.
Some 10,000 ILWU members have honored the picket call, shutting down 10 of the 14 cargo container terminals at the complex.