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ILZZilina D. Hricov, Slovak Republic (airport code)
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Et par ainsi, ja ilz n'en partiront.' This might also suggest that keeping the shoes or clothing of members of a household in such powerful spaces might also bind them to the place, perhaps ensuring a safe return.
COLOURFUL: The 'chocolate box' Bavarian town of Passau, which lies at the meeting point of three rivers, where the blue of the River Danube meets the green of the Inn and the black waters of the River Ilz
Start: Teazel Avenue, Bournville, B30 ILZ Duration: 30 minutes.
According to Olivier de la Marche all Flemings were dragged along in the revolt against Maximilian, both the malicious themselves and "the others, because they were good people and, out of fear, lived with the evil ones" ("les autres, parce qu"ilz estoient bons et par crainte vivoient avec les mauvais").
Some alleged that Protestants had requested support from the Ottoman empire for their fight against the Spaniards and the Pope: "Ilz sont prests a coeffer le Turban et prendre la Circoncision de Mahommet." (1) On the other side, Calvin did not hesitate to invoke Islam in his condemnation of Catholic rites and "superstition," especially the adoration of relics.
Il ne leurs a suffis m'avoir ainsi lourdement morrambouzeuezengouzequoquemorguatasacbacguevezinemaffresse mon pauvre oeil: d'abondant ilz m'ont defonce mon tabourin." (574)
To the narrator, the Ilz, which originates in the Bavarian Forests; the Danube, with its cargo ships on their way through Europe; and the glacier-green Inn, with its frequent rapids, are primordial rivers, and he does not want anything more than a life dictated and led by them.
Londis Holdings Ltd, Eurogroup House, 67/71 High Street, Hampton Hill, Middx TWI2 ILZ.
O quantesfoys nous les avons veu, a l'heure que ilz estoyent bien oingtz et engressez a poinct et le visaige leur reluysoit comme la claveure d'un charnier, et les dentz leur tresailloyent comme font les marchettes d'un clavier d'orgues ou d'espinette comme a un verrat que les vaultres ont acule entre les toilles: que faisoyent ilz alors?
(54) Plato, 1559, 41v (192b): "Et ce pendant qu'ilz sont enfans comme particules du masle, ayment les hommes, & prennent plaisir a conuerser auec eux.