IM7Seventh-Order Intermodulation
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The considered hybrid joint consists of two adherents made of the composite material IM7 8552, a bondline made of the non-commercialized paste adhesive named "Mojo-Mix" and a DSF described by the above mentioned mechanical fastener.
Tow composite tests using Kevlar 49 and IM7 and T1000 carbon fibers were initiated with 4 sensors mounted on 250 mm long samples [55, 103-105].
Also, the IM5 and IM7 of the two-carrier WCDMA signals are reduced, thereby putting less demand on the pre-distorter error correction circuit.
The carbon-fiber grades typically used in advanced-RTM parts include AS4 for lower-cost applications, IM7 for higher-performance uses, and T1000 for components that require ultrahigh strength.
Hexcel's carbon fiber was used extensively: HexTow[R] IM7 very high strength carbon fiber was used for the hull and deck structures; while HexTow[R] IM9 super strength carbon fiber was selected for the bow section and the hull.
Improvements of 2 to 3 dB for IM3 and 5 to 7 dB for IM5 and IM7 were achieved at wide enough power levels close to saturation.
The deal includes Hexcel's HexTow IM7 carbon fibre that will be used to manufacture all LEAP-1 engine fan blades and containment cases, including the LEAP-1A selected for the Airbus A320 NEO; the LEAP-1B selected for the Boeing 737MAX; and the LEAP-1C selected for COMAC 919.
9 dBm (123 mW/mm) with PAE of approximately 35 percent and associated IM3, IM5 and IM7 of -25, -35 and -45 dBc, respectively.