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IMACInternational Modal Analysis Conference
IMACInternet Macintosh (Apple)
IMACImmobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography
IMACInternational Miniature Aerobatic Club
IMACImage Management and Communication (digital imaging)
IMACInternational Marine Aquarium Conference
IMACInnovation Management Association of Canada
IMACInter-Media Arts Center (Huntington, New York)
IMACInstalls, Moves, Adds and Changes
IMACIsochronous Media Access Control
IMACInternational Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (Swiss federal act)
IMACI Marine Amphibious Corps (WWII usage)
IMACInternational Conference on Image Management and Communication in Patient Care
IMACInformation Management Advisory Council
IMACInternational Measurement And Control (IMAC Systems, Inc.; Pennsylvania)
IMACInternational Model Aircraft Club
iMACInhibitory Macrophages
IMACInduction Material Availability Conference (US Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center)
IMACInternational Movement of Apostolate Children (France)
IMACIngenious Media Active Capital (UK)
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Much of IMAC Consulting Group's efforts will be devoted to preparing surveys that assess an organization's vulnerability to potential breakdowns in security, and to recommend effective, reasonable solutions.
The price aside, if you're in need of an iMac upgrade or you are considering a new desktop for the home or office, the new iMacs are worth a very long, hard stare.
If the 2012 iMacs are in fact delayed until next year, Apple will suffer greatly, (http://www.
The Agreement permits IMaCS to utilize Claim-Remedi's ProIdentify(TM) product.
Optimized for the unique needs of electric utilities, the IMACS 200 system supports a wide range of specialty traffic, including transmission line protection control (EIA-232 electrical and IEEE C37.
The last generation of iMacs had big, beautiful, high-resolution LED screens.
All the iLife '06 applications are Universal applications that run natively on the new Intel-based iMacs for maximum performance.
DALLAS, July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- IMACS (Innovative Managed Care Systems, Ltd.
Ranked by revenue growth over the past five years, IMaCS reached 237 on the list and posted a revenue growth of 903 percent.
Harriett Flowers, IMaCS CEO: "We're looking for a few good products to increase accuracy, automation, and management information around claims payment and reconciliation, pushing our integration both upstream to Registration and downstream to payor interactions.
Harriett Flowers, IMaCS' CEO, says, "We are gratified by Hershey's selection of IMaCS and look forward to working with such a prestigious hospital.