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IMACInternational Modal Analysis Conference
IMACInternet Macintosh (Apple)
IMACImmobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography
IMACInternational Miniature Aerobatic Club
IMACImage Management and Communication (digital imaging)
IMACInternational Marine Aquarium Conference
IMACInnovation Management Association of Canada
IMACInter-Media Arts Center (Huntington, New York)
IMACInstalls, Moves, Adds and Changes
IMACIsochronous Media Access Control
IMACInternational Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (Swiss federal act)
IMACI Marine Amphibious Corps (WWII usage)
IMACInternational Conference on Image Management and Communication in Patient Care
IMACInformation Management Advisory Council
IMACInternational Measurement And Control (IMAC Systems, Inc.; Pennsylvania)
IMACInternational Model Aircraft Club
iMACInhibitory Macrophages
IMACInduction Material Availability Conference (US Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center)
IMACInternational Movement of Apostolate Children (France)
IMACIngenious Media Active Capital (UK)
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This formed the basis of the mathematics enrichment classes now taught at IMACS centers.
Like previous iterations, the iMacs are built around their 21.
Nasdaq:ZHNE), the first company dedicated to building total-delivery solutions for voice, data and content services worldwide, announced today the introduction of the IMACS 200 to its existing IMACS product line.
NewerTech) has been recognized as the leading developer of performance upgrades for PowerBooks, desktop Macintosh computers, iMacs and MacOS compatibles.
com/apple-27-imac-2012-release-date-arrives-some-customers-highly-customized-mac-desktops-fulfilled-0) few lucky customers received their brand-new 27-inch iMacs back in mid-December, the vast majority of online orders have yet to be fulfilled.
Only US customers have reported the status change in their orders; yet, what's interesting to note is that unlike previous iMac releases, where the simplest stock iMac models were shipped first, many Apple customers expecting to receive their new 27-inch iMacs this month actually ordered custom built-to-order configurations.
It's the first iMac to discard the optical drive, but Apple's stepped up on the display and processor ends, endowing the newest iMacs with uniquely bonded LCD displays with 75 percent less glare, as well as the latest and greatest chips from Intel and NVIDIA.
Harriett Flowers, IMaCS' CEO, says, "We are gratified by Hershey's selection of IMaCS and look forward to working with such a prestigious hospital.
5-inch iMacs powered by the i5 processor versus the i7, which costs $200 more.
Days after the 2012 iMacs were unveiled, Tim Cook predicted this extensive manufacturing process would affect delivery times.
Greg is joining IMaCS from The Medical Center of Mesquite, a Health Management Associates facility, where he was responsible for managed care operations and played a pivotal role in the hospital's revenue cycle management function in negotiating and implementing more profitable contracts for the hospital.