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IMADInput Message Accountability Data
IMADInformation, Management, Assurance, and Distribution (1999 Defense Technology Area Plan for Information Systems Technology, Chapter III)
IMADInformation Management Assimilation & Delivery
IMADIntegrated Multisensor Airborne Display
IMADInspection and Maintenance Authorization Document
IMADInternet, Marketing and Design (Scotland)
IMADInstitute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development
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On February 12, 2008, as Imad Mughniyeh approached a parked SUV in Damascus, a bomb planted in a spare tire on the back of the vehicle exploded, sending a burst of shrapnel across a tight radius.
The Press Secretary Imad Sidahmed, explained that the assaillant attacked and injured one guard prompting the other guards to use force and shoot the man dead.
Morejon, the Director of "Five Broken Cameras", Imad Burnat, according to
However, Khan continues to struggle to get Imad admitted to a school as he is still meeting with refusal from all corners.
Imad said they had now agreed to do so, paving the way for Saturday's election to go ahead.
And if you're wondering how much money he's been offered for the indecent behavior, Imad said that some offered $2,000 while others offered more, according to the type of sexual act he'd be performing.
Kurdistan Region's Government web site reported on Tuesday, July 9, that in the meeting, Imad Ahmed talked about reconstruction and democratic process in Iraq and the Region, adding the need for foreign know how, where Holland can play an important role in this regards.
On the topic of the Lebanese hostages in Nigeria, Carlos Abou Aziz and Imad Indari Imad, Mansour said that there was nothing new in that respect.
Toulouse et Montauban vivront ces prochains jours dans le souvenir de cette semaine de mars 2012 oE Mohamed Merah a seme l'horreur, avec des hier lundi des hommages rendus a la premiere victime du "tueur au scooter", le parachutiste Imad Ibn Ziaten.
Chef Imad Azad Salih with the turkey parmo, above and adding the bechamel sauce, inset Pictures by IAN COOPER
THE GMR- led consortium was not " technically qualified" to be given the contract to develop and run the Maldives international airport in Male, but the technical evaluation committee approved it under pressure from the previous President, Masood Imad, media Secretary at The Maldives President's office, said on Tuesday.
Speaking to the crowd, Hamas political bureau chief Ebu Imad said the Turks have displayed their love towards Gaza and Palestine and added that fighters in the resistance [against Israel] "fear nothing.