IMAGInternational Motor Accessories Group
IMAGImage Magnification (video production)
IMAGImage Analysis Report (energy production)
IMAGInternet Magazine
IMAGInstitut d'Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble
IMAGInstituut Voor Milieu- en Agritechniek
IMAGIrish Mensa Annual Gathering (Ireland)
IMAGInformation Magazine
IMAGInduction Motor As Generator
IMAGInformation Management and Analysis Group
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A fourth RovoCam sits in another Casa Loma event space nearby, where it powers IMAG for footage fed through four Christie Projectors, which display close-ups of high-profile presenters on four sections of the room's walls.
Harald ME-ller, CEO, IMAG (Internationaler Messe und Ausstellungsdienst GmbH) added: "The GCC region is in need of information about the latest technologies, experiences and expertise in other countries in the world.
IMAG records initial holding force the first time a mold is used and uses that value for comparison when the mold is used again.
IMAG is a member of the Munich International Trade Fairs Group, which is the organiser of BAUMA, the largest construction machinery show in the world.
IMAG delivers a breadth of capability that until now, was unavailable to the mid-market.
IMAG is the first in a line of turnkey appliances developed by Apere designed to permit or deny access to the network and business critical applications based on auto-policies created from identity access information contained throughout the enterprise.
As part of the tribute, a local drummer and his son, Simon and Victor Reece, sang a chief's song for Farmer, who was ceremonially wrapped in a Pendleton blanket by Hopkins and IMAG board member Dana Claxton.
Affimet's rivals, IMAG and Ashons on the other hand, continue to have to pay $60,000 each to the national treasury for licenses, 1.
IMAG co-founder Paul Worthy said: "The financial backing from UKSE is a big help to us as it has allowed us to invest in the equipment and training we need to move into a new area without affecting our cash flow.
Rob Cone has been named managing partner of the reputation risk practice in the mortgage origination and servicing areas for IMAG Inc.
While the previous system displayed the percentage of maximum magnetic flux attained, IMAG shows a predicted percentage of maximum holding force on the hand-held control pendant.
The company's expertise and experience in the industrial motor sector has brought growth in all areas and IMAG is also now moving into new sectors.