IMAGISIndianapolis Mapping and Geographic Infrastructure System
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Developed from 1985 to 1989, IMAGIS consolidated eight million maps, documents, and aerial photographs into a landbase woven together in 54 layers of data so information could be searched, edited, and analyzed with GIS software.
IMAGIS, as a shared multiparticipant basemap, set the standard by which many other multiparticipant projects organized.
Other cities have proven the effectiveness of GIS in enterprise-wide installations - and Indianapolis was no different with IMAGIS. From there, however, we have worked with our consultants to evaluate our IT investments, and how best to deploy the modular and open GIS products on the market today.
United States Real Estate properties (B.C.) Canada $142,317,000 * Pembridge Group United States Imagis Technologies Inc.
Pembridge Group offered to acquire Imagis Technologies Inc.
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