IMAGNIncreasing Minority Awareness of Genetics Now
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The STELLer CD34+ Assay and the IMAGN 2000 use standardized reagents and automated cell enumeration, thereby reducing the between lab variability often found with other cytometric techniques.
We purchased the IMAGN 2000 for CD34+ cell enumeration because of its ease-of-use and quick set-up and turnaround times.
This vital information, which until now often takes days to obtain, is available in less than 45 minutes using IMAGN 2000.
In just three simple steps, IMAGN 2000, 4T8 assay provides an absolute count of T-cell subsets for one to 10 patient samples.
In peripheral blood, the IMAGN 2000, STELLer assay may be used to determine the optimal time to harvest stem cells, during a period known as mobilization.
IMAGN 2000 SPECIFICATIONS: The manufacturer's suggested list price for IMAGN 2000 is $69,500.
The IMAGN 2000 microvolume fluorimeter and all three assays will be marketed by Immucor in Europe and Canada.
The two patents also provide flexibility in designing assays for use with the IMAGN 2000 microvolume fluorimeter, offering customers a variety of operating parameter options.