IMAGNIncreasing Minority Awareness of Genetics Now
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This vital information, which until now often takes days to obtain, is available in less than 45 minutes using IMAGN 2000.
IMAGN(R) 2000 BENEFITS: The IMAGN 2000 provides accurate and precise absolute cell counts with rapid turnaround and minimal hands-on time by the operator.
IMAGN 2000 TECHNOLOGY: Distributed by Immucor, a medical diagnostic company, and developed by Biometric Imaging(R), the instrument uses a new proprietary technology called microvolume fluorometry.
The two patents cover the design of special cartridges that are used in conjunction with Biometric Imaging's IMAGN 2000 microvolume fluorimeter, a laser-based imaging system which detects fluorescently-tagged cells held in stasis in a defined volume.
Biometric Imaging's automated cellular analysis system includes the IMAGN 2000 microvolume fluorimeter and three cell-specific enumeration assays.
In peripheral blood, the IMAGN 2000, STELLer assay may be used to determine the optimal time to harvest stem cells, during a period known as mobilization.
IMAGN 2000 SPECIFICATIONS: The manufacturer's suggested list price for IMAGN 2000 is $69,500.
The STELLer CD34+ Assay, in conjunction with the IMAGN System, is used to determine the optimum time to harvest cells from a patient's peripheral blood.
The IMAGN 2000 technology provides us results every 30 minutes, allowing us to monitor when the optimum time of collection should occur.