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IMAMInternational Maritime Association of the Mediterranean
IMAMIslamic Medical Association of Malaysia
IMAMInstant Messaging Agent Manager (software)
IMAMInternational Meeting on Advanced Materials
IMAMIndependent Memory Array Module
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I was witness that he offered man-eaters' for sale," said Imam Din.
You'll take your arsenic, and Imam Din'll take you up to bed, and I'll come and tuck you in.
We waited till Imam Din returned to us from above and coughed at the door, as only dark-hearted Asia can.
But the Infant had already made the sign, and we heard Imam Din hunker down on the floor: One gets little out of the East at attention.
Sahib," Imam Din turned to Strickland, "our Sahib answered to those false words as a horse of blood answers to the spur.
Now is the time to find out whether the imam is alive or has become a martyr," he said.
Many an imam in the US has only one answer to these questions: "haram
The meeting also reviewed process and requirements for payment of monthly stipend to Pesh Imam of mosques and mode of payment in this regard.
The Imam said that due to Shehbaz's untiring efforts, development would soon spread to all parts of the country.
Imam during the meeting with locals asked to collect money for electricity.
According to media reports, mourning congregations and processions will be organized in different cities including Islamabad in which religious scholars will talk about life and personalities of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and His Grandson Imam Hassan (R.
Muslims from across the world, including Iran, attended the 100-km rally, while hundreds of thousands more joined them on the way to Karbala and to the holy shrine of Imam Hossein (PBUH).