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IMAOIn My Arrogant Opinion
IMAOInhibidores de la Monoamino Oxidasa (Spanish: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor)
IMAOIn My Awesome Opinion
IMAOIslamitisch Maatschappelijk Activeringswerk Overijssel (Dutch: Overijssel Islamic Social Work Activation; Overijssel, Netherlands)
IMAOInternational Maritime Arbitration Organisation
IMAOIn My Actual Opinion
IMAOInternational Martial Arts Organization
IMAOIn My Anal Opinion
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The earliest known work on the attached plane jet was carried out by Forthmann (1934), which was described and quoted by Sigalla (1958), Schwarz and Cosart (1961), Reddy Gorla and Jeng (1971), Bajura and Catalano (1975), Rajaratnam (1976), Awbi (1991), and Imao et al.
Fixtureworks offers a series of spring-loaded work support components from Imao.
In this case also ICWAI will play the role of technical collaborator, professional service provider, consultant to academics programme for designing the course syllabus of IMAO for awarding Certificates.