IMASIdolm@ster (gaming)
IMASInternational Mine Action Standards
IMASInstituto Mixto de Ayuda Social (Spanish: Joint Social Welfare Institute; Costa Rica)
IMASInternational Military Arms Society (New Zealand)
IMASIntelligent Multiservice Access System (Promatory Communications)
IMASInternational Museum of Art and Science (McAllen, Texas)
IMASInteractive Media Alliance Scotland
IMASIntegrated Multispectral Atmospheric Sounder
IMASIndustrial Management Assistance Survey
IMASIntersite Mirroring And Switchover (Intergraph)
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Because IMAs are reservists assigned to active duty units, neither the Reserve's nor the major commands' (MAJCOM) hierarchical organization can effectively manage the program.
The IMA President said Kuwait "spares no efforts" in supporting IMAs
Does integrating the mathematics curriculum with the science curriculum improve sixth grade students' overall attitudes toward mathematics, based on the mean scores of the IMAS?
There are a number of terms used for IMAs. In some circles, they are referred to as "separately managed accounts." The terms are synonymous.
Editorial will include original content from IMAS' technology writers already in China (Broadcast & Production China) as well as from Phillips' Cable Group magazines, including Communications Technology and CT International.
"IMAs are fully integrated into operations of the active component and are assigned to more than 40 major commands, combatant commands and defense agencies," said Lt.
IMAs make up one of the most flexible and cost-effective elements of the Total Force.
This growth stems from a remarkable tradition of excellence within IMA[R] to cultivate a world-class standard that's admired globally, the ability of IMA volunteers and staff to grow the program in a strategic sense, and active members willing to advocate for the CMA program wherever they work.
Meyers, former president of the IMA, died November 19, 1999.
"In the middle of 2015, key leaders from the Air Reserve Personnel Center, Headquarters Readiness and Integration Office and Recruiting Service collaborated together in order to target the under-execution of the IMA program," said Capt.
IMA is considered the gold-standard bypass graft, and there are few reasons it should not be used.
But after attending IMA's 13 th Annual Student Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas, in 2012, my students convinced me that not only would I enjoy the conferences, but I would be able to gain valuable insights and glean benefits I could take back to the University that would assist other students.