IMATTInternational Military Advisory and Training Team (Sierra Leone)
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The Canadians have committed themselves to an initial one-year stay, with personnel filling 10 IMATT positions with six-month tours of duty.
COVENTRY North-east MP Bob Ainsworth has visited Sierra Leone to see first hand the progress made by the UK-led International Military Advisory and Training Team (IMATT) in assisting the transformation of the West African country's armed forces.
The European Union, American Embassy and IMATT are situated in the area.
The second section focuses on the security sector, with chapters by Ishmail Rashid (a historical overview of the Sierra Leone army); Mark white (the UK's role in security sector reform); Major Don Saunders, a Canadian who served with IMATT (on the re-training of the Sierra Leone Army); and Daniel Hoffman (on the possibility, or lack thereof, of the emergence of a strong civil defence force in case of praetorian or other threats to Sierra Leone's security, in the context of the trial and persecution of leaders of the former Civil Defence Force (CDF) by the Special Court for Sierra Leone).