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IMBAInternational Mountain Bicycling Association
IMBAInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology (Austrian Academy of Sience)
IMBAInternational Mountain Bike Association
IMBAImbalance (online games)
IMBAIndependent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (Canada)
IMBAInternational Masters of Business Administration
IMBAIntegration Von Menschen Mit Behinderungen in Die Arbeitswelt (German: ergonomics)
IMBAInternational Morab Breeders Association (Sanford, ME)
IMBAIntegrated Modules for Bioassay Analysis
IMBAInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Science
IMBAInternationale Motorsport Bond voor Amateurs
IMBAInformation Management Business Area
IMBAIrish Masters of Beagles Association (UK)
IMBAIncorporated Master Builders Association
IMBAInternet Masters of Business Administration
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"It allowed me to more quickly understand business issues and drivers to better tailor legal advice and to communicate easier with businesses," he said of his IMBA. "It gives a huge competitive advantage if you are going to practice law, and it will help you accelerate your career in business if you want to leave the legal field."
Touch of Nature staff members also secured a third Green Fund grant for $11,615 in 2017 to provide an IMBA trail-building clinic for staff and community volunteers, teaching them the fundamentals of sustainable trail building and design.
The company has introduced a range of kits based on the new genome-wide, non-invasive, quantitative, fast, and reliable SLAMseq (thiol (SH)-Linked Alkylation for the Metabolic Sequencing of RNA) method, developed by Stefan Ameres' research group at IMBA.
Apeiron was founded in 2003 by Josef Penninger, an internationally renowned Austrian researcher, scientific director of the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology Austria (IMBA) and member of the Supervisory Board of Apeiron.
This is true in a sense that words like 'noob', 'gg', 'imba', 'gtfo', 'HP', 'MP' and other gaming terms cannot be used in academic writing because those words are gaming languages and those words were not Standard English language.
Zhongzhi Liu (IMBA, University of San Diego) is a doctoral candidate at Arizona State University.
Ami mba pura kovaungure tjiva imba mbe ungura mozondjuwo kutja hapo ondjambi onditinditi ndji va sere okumuna ivingapi nozongeembwiro ovo ndu va sokumuna.
Layer has an IMBA from the University of South Carolina and a B.S.
Then in May, Coursera announced a new iMBA program with the University of Illinois that costs $20,000--less than a third of a comparable MBA program.
The prospect of finding answers to such questions is leading pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers to seek collaborations with Lancaster and Jurgen Knoblich, whose lab at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) in Vienna, Austria, is where Lancaster developed the organoids as a postdoc.
In addition to wilderness, IMBA champions other land protection solutions--such as National Scenic Areas, Recreation Areas, or National Preserves--that both safeguard the land and preserve local mountain biking opportunities.