IMBLIntegrated Molecular Biology Laboratory (Canada)
IMBLIndian Mound Branch Library (Enon, OH)
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The fishing season began on August 15 last year and this is the fourth incident of Indian anglers being apprehended and their boats being seized off the IMBL by PMSA.
On October 12 last, PMSA had killed one Indian fishermen and kidnapped 30 anglers from near the IMBL.
Seven Pakistani fishermen were arrested and a Pakistani fishing boat was seized by the ICG for crossing the IMBL," they said.
A trawler nearby unloads a big haul of the coveted Lal Pari, squids and eel, flaunting a successful trip near the IMBL buttressing Bamania's argument.
As opposed to the earlier 1,400- litre limit, now the boats are carrying 2,000 to 2,500 litre of diesel," he adds, cautioning that more fuel means chances of venturing closer to the IMBL rises proportionately.
During the 22nd IMBL session, matters related to fishing activities conducted in the Palk Strait, Gulf of Mannar and smuggling of narcotics across IMBL were discussed, the navy media unit said.
Meanwhile, four Indians were arrested while they were transporting cannabis in the north by boat after crossing the IMBL, the navy media unit said.