IMBLIntegrated Molecular Biology Laboratory (Canada)
IMBLIndian Mound Branch Library (Enon, OH)
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The fishing season began on August 15 last year and this is the fourth incident of Indian anglers being apprehended and their boats being seized off the IMBL by PMSA.
Seven Pakistani fishermen were arrested and a Pakistani fishing boat was seized by the ICG for crossing the IMBL," they said.
Kutch (Gujarat) [India], November 11 ( ANI ): Nine Indian boats and 55 Indian fishermen were detained by the Pakistan Marines near IMBL, off the Jakhau coast of Kutch last night.
A trawler nearby unloads a big haul of the coveted Lal Pari, squids and eel, flaunting a successful trip near the IMBL buttressing Bamania's argument.
Issuing of identity cards, introducing GPS systems to fishing vessels and establishing no fishing zones on both sides of the IMBL to prevent accidental straying, employing the coastguard to prevent illegal crossing of IMBL, enacting legislation with penalties for deliberate crossing for fishing across the IMBL and engaging in environmentally unsustainable fishing practices, are some other measures that could be introduced by both countries to address this contentious issue.
Thus, with a bilateral agreement in place it is Tamil Nadu fishermen who are violating the IMBL and the arrest of fishermen poaching into Sri Lankan waters cannot be faulted on Sri Lanka.
During the 22nd IMBL session, matters related to fishing activities conducted in the Palk Strait, Gulf of Mannar and smuggling of narcotics across IMBL were discussed, the navy media unit said.
Minister Khurshid thanked Minister Senaratne for starting the process of releasing the fishermen who are currently in custody which will create an atmosphere conducive for both sides to explore long-term solutions for the vexed issues of fishermen crossing the IMBL and effective implementation of the ban on environmentally harmful fishing methods.
Sri Lanka Navy Spokesman Commander Kosal Warnakulasuriya told Asian Tribune that already Sri Lanka Navy had discussions with the Indian authorities and the Indian devotees will be handed over to Sri Lanka Navy either by the Indian Navy or else by the Indian Coast Guard at the international maritime boundary line (IMBL), and from there Sri Lanka Navy will escort them up to the islet and on completion o the annual festival, Navy would escort back Indian Devotees lounges, boats and hand them over to the Indian authorities at the IMBL.
It is a pity the Tamil Nadu chief Minister condones the illegal activities of the Tamil Nadu fishermen, crossing the IMBL, entering the Sri Lankan waters and poaching.
The prevention of such intrusion is also ensured by the ICG and the Indian Navy ships patrolling along the IMBL.
Asian Tribune asked about the movement of the Sri Lankan Navy on last Sunday and Tuesday, he responded saying, "we are only doing the barrier petrol along the IMBL (International Maritime Boundary Line) and that is a continuous thing.