IMBRAInternational Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005
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Today, most mail-order bride Web sites have a seal on their home page to signify their compliance with IMBRA.
(186) IMBRA responds to the manipulation by citizen-spouses of U.S.
(193) Another important IMBRA provision is that it prevents abusive U.S.
IMBRA opens up the possibility that a South Asian women who immigrates to the United States on a K-visa and gets battered by her spouse could be eligible for T or U-visa relief.
Unfortunately however, while IMBRA requires that information be made available to spouses immigrating on K-visas, the legislation does not create similar protections for women who immigrate to the United States on other family-based, professional or student visa categories.
This would seem a logical extension of the existing provisions of IMBRA which require the tracking of K-visas.
USCIS, DOS, and DOJ have implemented two of seven key IMBRA requirements identified by GAO, but five key provisions intended to provide beneficiaries with information about the petitioners seeking to bring them to the United States have yet to be completed.
Part II examines in detail IMBRA's provisions, concluding that, reflective of the choice to attach IMBRA to VAWA instead of TVPA, IMBRA approaches the purported IMB problem primarily as one of domestic violence, rather than international trafficking.
Prior to the passage of IMBRA, the American IMB client received a complete background check on his mail-order bride through immigration procedures, as well as photographs and extensive information from the IMB, including favorite movies and sexual preferences.
IMBRA does not represent the first attempt to regulate the IMB industry.
This declination to recognize the IMB problem as one of trafficking has continued even as the law, culminating with IMBRA, has come to see the IMB problem primarily as one of domestic violence rather than marriage fraud.