IMCCInterstate Mining Compact Commission (Herndon, VA)
IMCCIntermodal Motor Carriers Conference (American Trucking Association)
IMCCInternational Marine Claims Conference (Marine insurance)
IMCCInternational Minerals and Chemical Corporation
IMCCIntegrated Mission Control Center
IMCCItem Management Control Code
IMCCInternational Management Control Center (Sprint)
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O periodo experimental foi de 112 dias, divididos em oito ciclos de 14 dias, quando os caes eram pesados em jejum e posteriormente avaliados quanto ao IMCC, escore de condicao corporal (ECC) e peso corporal.
Through collaboration between NAMI and IMCC, and with support from the National Institute of Corrections, a training curriculum was developed for all staff.
Vulcan's Curies Neck site was also the IMCC National Reclamation Award Winner in 2006.
Oocytes were either cryopreserved as immature cumulus compact (IMCC) and immature denuded (IMDN) oocytes or they were first matured in vitro for 28 h and then cryopreserved as mature cumulus compact (MCC) or mature denuded (MDN) oocytes in four groups.
This, too, contradicted the Indian Medicine Central Council ( IMCC) Act of 1970 , which says that a 100- bed hospital -- spread over 20,000 sq ft -- should be in the same campus, and not 6 km away as in the case of this institution.
(16) Subjects were randomly selected from the list of incoming offenders admitted to the Iowa Medical and Classification Center (IMCC), located in Oakdale, Iowa.
([dagger]) AVL List GmbH, Hans-List-Platz 1, 8020 Graz, Austria and IMCC, Altenbergerstr.
of 2004 IMCC entitled "Advances in Algebra Towards Millennium Problems" (International Maths Conference, Chonbuk National University, Chonbuk, Korea, August 04-06, 2004, pp.133-145., Eds.: Ki-Bong Nam et al., 2005, 133-145.
Se midio el peso y la altura durante la realizacion de la entrevista y se determino el indice de masa corporal (IMCC), el cual nos permite clasificar a los individuos mediante la relacion peso/talla (kg/[m.sup.2]), en bajo peso, peso normal, sobrepeso y obesidad[9].