IMCENInformation Management Support Center
IMCENInformation Management Center
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We're proud to have supported IMCEN (Information Management Center) to make HQDA one of the first agencies in the federal government compliant with HSPD-12 for system access and security," said Bob Dixon, Senior Network Strategist at NetCentrics.
As part of the L3 team supporting IMCEN, NetCentrics worked with HQDA to identify the appropriate hardware, readers and terminals and integrated the solution into the existing Microsoft-based Active Directory network.
will provide business applications development and management services as well as Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) testing services for IMCEN.
We are honored to have been selected to support IMCEN with business application development and management support," said Robert Veschi, president of Nortel PEC Solutions' Defense Sector operations.
Together the team will provide strong business processes, innovation, and customer service to ensure the Army and IMCEN achieves its service goals, mission and expectations.
The IMCEN contract was awarded through the Information Technology Omnibus Procurement (ITOP) program of the U.
BTG's Delta Research Division has been working with IMCEN for 12 years, providing a full range of information technology services and support.