IMCNIndependent Media Center Network (media outlets union; est. 1999)
IMCNIndependent Management Consultancies Network (Zurich, Switzerland)
IMCNIntelligent Mission Controller Node
IMCNInstitute of Management Consultants Norway (est. 1995)
IMCNInsight Meditation Center of Newburyport (Massachusetts)
IMCNInternational Management Communication Network (Monaco)
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y que estan depositados en las colecciones de referencia de la CRBMUV e IMCN, por lo que es altamente probable que se trate de una nueva especie para la ciencia.
Also 21 IMCN has played an important role in renowned events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Gartner Group ITxpo, Midem, Milia, MipTV, GSM World Congress, Western Union, Europay, Cannes Lions, Tax Free World Exhibition, IST, Mipim, Mipcom, and many others.
Allotype female (IADIZA) and four paratypes with the same data as holotype (1 male IMCN, 2 males and 1 female IADIZA).
We reviewed database records from national (CP-UCO, IAvH-P, ICNMHN, IMCN, IUQ, INVEMAR-P, CSJ, MLS) and internactional museums (NRM, USNM, BMNH, AMNH, CAS, SU, ANSP, MCZ, MNHN, FLMNH) for specimens from the lower San Juan de Uraba River or the San Juan de Uraba Basin.