IMCOMInstallation Management Command
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In April 2011, he was named the IMCOM Stalwart Award winner by Assistant Secretary of the Army Kathleen Hammock.
IMCOM professionals are making a clear case at the Department of the Army headquarters that the Army must invest in deployment and readiness infrastructure to avoid mission failure in the future.
Perhaps some IMCOM or USACE projects might interest the green-suit side of the Regiment if they can lead to material cost savings for the government.
Even though IMCOM owns most of the installations," Daniel said, "Army Materiel Command still owns the ammo plants and depots, the Army Medical Command owns Fort Detrick, and the Army Space and Missile Defense Command owns Fort Greeley, Alaska.
Army Training and Doctrine Command and M&RA [Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs'], and the Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise, obviously IMCOM and ACSIM [Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management] respectively--and there is the Materiel Enterprise, that Dr.
He recalled the problem the Army encountered in standing up its IMCOM, wherein it was under-resourcing IMCOM in terms of manpower and funding.
This transition, through which FMWRC will become IMCOM headquarters' G-9, is expected to be completed this summer.
USAEC is directly subordinate to IMCOM in the Army environmental structure.
As we look to the future, the NEC is in the middle of a major shift as they transition from IMCOM to the 7th Signal Command.
We utilize both the Vovici Survey Workbench and Feedback Intelligence software systems to develop a 360-degree view of the customer," said Pam Holloway, the primary Serco management services consultant on the IMCOM support team.
Although the GSA Public Buildings Service conference pre-dated the IMCOM commanders' conference, the Office of the Inspector General did not release its report of investigation until 2 April 2012.