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This October, in a once-in-a-lifetime event, three of these precious original artifacts will be exhibited in the same room when the International Map Collectors' Society (IMCoS) holds its 36th annual symposium at the Ayala Museum.
Information requirements reviewed by IMCOs are commonly described as exempt, symbolized or unauthorized.
Information collection management in the DON is officiated in three-tiers: (1) the departmental IMCO; (2) Navy and Marine Corps IMCOs; and (3) the major command IMCOs.
It is the mandate of information management control officers (IMCO) to provide impartial review, ensure proper coordination, maintain an information collection budget (ICB) and act as the official case file record keeper.
Once an information requirement extends beyond a single office, it requires subject matter expert review and if pertinent, IMCO approval at the appropriate level.
Government downsizing and realignments starting in the 1990s and continuing into the next two decades have led to a majority of organizations eliminating form management officer (FMO) and IMCO positions, effectively ending the programs.
Beyond the changes from IT, continued loss of FMO and IMCO positions results in a lack of governance of collection devices.
Unauthorized collections should not be responded to and should be forwarded to the organization's IMCO. Symbolized collections do not meet exception criteria but are given a limited approval period and receive a control number that must be disclosed on all collection devices.
All public collections must be reviewed by the DON IMCO and most require approval by the Office of Management and Budget and assignment of an OMB information control symbol.
The 36th IMCoS Symposium 2018 is a two-part event in Manila and Hong Kong.
The symposium is presented by the Ayala Museum and Gallery of Prints, with the support of IMCoS and the Philippine Map Collectors Society (PHIMCOS).
IMCoS Philippine representative and 2018 symposium organizer and exhibit curator Rudolf J.