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IMD2Second-Order Intermodulation Distortion
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Figure S1: IR spectra of samples IML2, IML3, IMD1, IMD2, IMD3, and acrylic polymers.
For the IMD2 products suppression test, we considered a 2.8001 GHz CW desired signal combined with two interfering tones separated from each other by 200 kHz around 2.7 GHz, that is, at 2.7 GHz and 2.7002 gHz, respectively, while LO frequency was set to 2.8 GHz.
In order to evaluate the benefits of the I/Q regeneration circuit, power of the desired useful signal ([P.sub.US]) was compared with power of the IMD2 products (-[P.sub.IMD2]) for the FPD and TPD alone and then with the I/Q regeneration circuit connected as the power of the interfering tones ([P.sub.adj]) increases.